• Applicants must be over the age of 18 and under the age of 65 when submitting their application.
  • Applicants should have no less than US$450,000 of net personal assets when submitting their application.
  • At the start of application process: Applicant must deposit 25% upon submission plus due diligence fees. When Commission has been approved in principle (AIP), the applicant must deposit the remaining fee of 75%.
  • Applicants must submit an original certificate of no criminal record from the jurisdiction in which he/she has resided during the last 12 months and (if different) the jurisdiction of his / her principal nationality. 
  1. Application forms (For main applicant, spouse, children, parents).
  2. Existing passport color scan: (must show the page in its entirety), (passport cover + 1st 3 pages of the passport + last 3 pages of the passport = 7 pages in total), (For main applicant, spouse, children, parents). 
  3. ID card color scan, front and back, photocopied on 1 page, English translated when necessary (For main applicant, spouse, children, parents). 
  4. Marriage certificate, English translated when necessary.
  5. Proof of relationship between main applicant and his/her parents, (birth certificate of the applicant/s). 
  6. Birth certificate of children. 
  7. Police Clearance of applicants and dependents (aged 18 years and above). 
  8. Most recent academic certificates or reports of the children aged 18 – 25 years old. 
  9. Medical Checkup certificate for all applicants (aged 18 years and above).
  10. Most recent education proof of dependent children.
  11. Asset proof of no less than US$450,000.
  12. Main applicant’s CV and stamped proof of employment from his/her company.
  13. 6 passport photos (40mm x 50mm) (For main applicant, spouse, children, parents)  

Note:  Items 2 to 6 need to be in color copied. Translated documents need to be notarized. 

All submitted photocopied documents (main applicant, spouse, children, parents) need to be signed by the main applicant before scan and transmission to us.